IPC Deconstruction Site

You see, The Pet Safari is not your ordinary, usual, run-of-the-mill kind of safari. It’s a living and thriving community of pet lovers, united in their celebration of the love they have for their pets. Everything that happens here is borne of this great love. Welcome to the community that loves and serves pets and pet lovers, alike

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MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Get your bump cap and protective eyewear ready! Life is never dull in a garage. Endowed with the best and most unique of garage themed décor, whilst spanning over 8,500 sq ft in size, The Garage makes a wonderful place to unwind with your pets. We have just about anything to indulge both you and your pets. Here you...

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Toppen Shopping Centre

It’s time for school! But no worries, it’s school without the assignments, textbooks and school bags, but with all the fun! What’s more, pets are allowed!

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Pet Lovers Centre